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R.I.P.D - Rest In Peace Department

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Reviews and Problems with R.I.P.D - Rest In Peace Department

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Crap of the lowest order

nathanp, blu-ray.com
1 June 2014
  • Excerpt: Jeff Bridges must have lost a bet to get saddled with a script like this, as for Ryan Reynolds, are we really surprised he was in this? This is such a sad Men in Black ripoff that found a way to be even worse than MIB2, didn't think that was even possible. Avoid at ALL costs.
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Overall 8
Movie overall 8
Extras 8

The Not So Men in Black.....

Guydowood, blu-ray.com
29 November 2013
  • Excerpt: Actor Ryan Reynolds must be box office poison. Ever since his leap into superhero mode in X-Men Origins: Wolverine & Green Lantern, any other movie he has headlined or co-starred in has tanked at the box office."Safe House" and this one R.I.P.D. Not even the strength of Jeff Bridges can save this Men in Black offshoot. However if you take it for what its worth, goofy fun, then R.I.P.D ain't that bad.
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Overall 5
Movie overall 4

This movie is...

waff, blu-ray.com
19 November 2013
Overall 7
Movie overall 6


headhunter01, blu-ray.com
30 October 2013
  • Excerpt: I thought this movie would have been better..Should have rented it through Prime first...Huge disappointment.
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User Review

Cailore, Metacritic
31 July 2013
  • Summary: If MiB and Ghost Busters had a baby… It's a fun movie based on a comic book, if you are going to review it based on it's standing next to Downton Abbey then, you probably should adjust your medication. It isn't high art, but it is enjoyable for what it is a silly summer action movie.
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User Review

Miko_York, Metacritic
24 July 2013
  • Summary: Nice funny move. Jeff Bridges is briliant actor. Because of him this move looks good. Its a clone of MIB indeed, but I had a great time and can reccoment it to friends.
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User Review

Mazzyrazzy, Metacritic
21 July 2013
  • Summary: I honestly don't understand all the hate. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this film. Yes it was a bit like MiB maybe and the CGI could've been a bit better, but my friends and I, as well as the packed theater, couldn't stop laughing. All I can say is don't listen to reviews and go see for yourself. If you go in expecting a bad movie, you're not going to enjoy yourself.
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User Review

mrmonster, Metacritic
21 July 2013
  • Summary: I have no idea why the other users on this site are being so harsh. I though it was an okay, some what cheesy action comedy. But anyone who says it's bad didn't needs to get better taste in movies. Personally, I had a great time seeing it, and I think you will too.
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User Review

shpostal, Metacritic
21 July 2013
  • Summary: The summer movie season isn't exactly one of the better ones, with "The Lone Ranger" falling flat and no real dramatic gem. "Wolverine" is out next week and may be the hit Hollywood is hoping for next to the wonderful "Despicable Me 2". Despite its promos, "RIPD" doesn't live up to the preview's promise.
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User Review

Steamcausedthis, Metacritic
20 July 2013
  • Summary: This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This film right here was the breaking point for me, thank you RIPD and thank you Hollywood for getting me off my ass to voice my insignificant opinion to the world by signing up and contributing points to this abomination of a film. I went into this movie like I have went into every other film this summer, low expectations and hopefully opening night so I could have crowd reactions to give me something to laugh at, but...
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