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Law Abiding Citizen

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Reviews and Problems with Law Abiding Citizen

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Overall 3

Fascist Rubbish

SIngli6, FilmCrave
3 July 2013
  • Excerpt: There is something inhumanely ugly and cruel about Law Abiding Citizen. The film asks us to celebrate Draconian revenge-based justice and the violation of civil liberties because of the fact that the courts can occasionally be abused to get bad people out of nasty sentences. It uses the rape and murder of a child and its mother to justify the abandonment of neutrality in law and encourage the pursuit of punishment over stability.
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User Review

Jedi_Jettson, Metacritic
15 July 2012
  • Summary: Clyde (Gerard Butler) had a reason to kill the people who killed his family: REVENGE but why was he killing Police and FBI agents just to make Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) mad? They didn't do much to Clyde and already got his revenge which was enough. And you know what would of been a better ending? Clyde could of committed suicide and admitted his reason.
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Overall 10

Nice movie!!

4 May 2012
  • Summary: "Law abiding Citizen" deserves to be discussed. It tells a story of an angry man, not treated well by the laws and policies or the system. Gerard Butler played the role of that angry man perfectly. This is an well executed movie. Hence, I recommend this movie to all.
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Overall 8

Good action flick

3 May 2012
  • Summary: This is a very good action movie that worth watching. I liked all cinematography, plot and the acting. The only thing I did not like was some parts of the story. It felt like it was not flowing smoothly. But overall, I enjoyed it a lot. It is a very good action movie.
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User Review

Greatbeallo, Metacritic
19 February 2012
  • Summary: This movie disgusts me, if I am being honest. The violence was without meaning, and it seemed spliced in for the sake of satisfying a bloodthirsty crowd. It has its enjoyable moments, and for that I give it a 2, but it is recycled garbage.
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Overall 5

User Review

Daniel Corleone, FilmCrave
10 February 2012
  • Summary: Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) sees his wife and child murdered and raped by Clarence Darby (Christian Stolte). Prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) is Clyde's lawyer but witnesses him shake hands with Darby's lawyer. Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart) was executed thru lethal injection, but is wrongfully accused. The soundtrack was descent and direction was sometimes all over. Butler however depicts a man in pain eager to prove a point about the justice system.
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User Review

hoops2448, Metacritic
6 January 2012
  • Summary: Law Abiding Citizen plays with some interesting themes and issues but it doesn't seem to have a clue what it wants to say. Is the justice system corrupt? Is serious reform needed? Are Clyde's (Gerard Butler) actions justified? The film never gets close to answering these questions as it fumbles from act to act.
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User Review

spadenx, Metacritic
19 December 2011
  • Summary: Its so generic, straight forward, and predictable that it ruins the movie. Jamie Foxx is a terrible lead as well, The rest of the cast was ok. Gerald Butler is good though and the only reason to watch the film. The action was ok as well but the entire script was just terrible. A lot of ruined potential here.
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User Review

asylumspadez, Metacritic
24 November 2011
  • Summary: What started off so interesting ends so poorly. The acting is fine (I didnt really like Jamie Fox as the lead, Thought he was a poor fit) and the action was good. The story is so generic though that it just takes away from the overall value.
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User Review

RustyShackle, Metacritic
2 November 2011
  • Summary: I had to check to make sure it was the same movie by the end, because it wasn't nothing like the first half hour. What a complete disaster for a movie that started so strong, could have easily been an 8.
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