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Jingle All The Way

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Reviews and Problems with Jingle All The Way

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Overall 7

Critics are wrong!

Jack Starr, IMDb
5 February 2010
  • Summary: Sometimes critics mistake.This is definitely an example.You see some movies don't need to be reviewed,you just need to watch them first,and then judge your feelings. So idea of the movie is great,and its pretty familiar to EVERY father on Christmas.And that's why people like to associate themselves with Arnie's character.There are a lot of misadventures(you wont remember every after ending i promise),but they actually work out pretty entertaining,sometimes even laughably...
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Overall 8

"Nobody Likes you Booster"

Staymetal8390, IMDb
23 November 2007
  • Summary: This movie is so ridiculous, but so funny at the same time. I watch it every Christmas just to hear many of the Schwarzenegger phrases like: - Who told you you could eat my cookies? - Put the cookie down...NOW! - Nobody likes you Booster (maybe Sinbad's line) - I'm not a pervert... and the many times he says "Jamie", I hated that darn brat...what a spoiled kid Anakin was.
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Overall 9

Did the final product mean to age so well and stand as the true meaning of Christmas? Was it satire or all a very lucky accident? Either way, its fun

diac228 (diac1987@netscape.net), IMDb
7 December 2006
  • Summary: Satires are hard to come by. Good satires are much more rare. Satires that fooled everyone, from the audience to the actors playing in the film are toughest to find. Jingle All The Way achieves just that. By throwing a social commentary joke over the heads of audiences instead of into their minds, and then by delivering a biting message that stands just as true today as it did when it first came out, Jingle All The Way went from disappointment to one of the most...
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Overall 6

Despite its problems, I thought it was funny

rebeljenn, IMDb
31 December 2005
  • Summary: 'Jingle All The Way' is a Christmas story about merchandising and family. A lot of people seemed to really hate this movie, but I did not think it was all that bad. Sure, some of the action and the story was not the best, but I thought it did provoke a lot of laughter. The scenes with Arnie at the warehouse filled with Santas and elves was funny, and it had a good ending with the father becoming the hero after all.
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Overall 9

One of the best Christmas movies I've ever seen

Grace Zeh (filmgirlgz@gmail.com), IMDb
18 November 2005
  • Summary: JINGLE ALL THE WAY, in my opinion, is one of the best Christmas movies I've ever seen. I thought that Howard (Arnold Schwarzenegger) should have paid a little more attention to his family. The one person I really couldn't stand was Myron (Sinbad). This was because of his attitude. Plus, he tried to hurt Jamie (Jake Lloyd). I must say that Howard was very foolish to wait so long to buy Jamie's present. Even my parents have more sense than that! No offense to you, Howard.
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Overall 6

Lord help me, I like it

lover101, IMDb
15 July 2005
  • Summary: First of all, let me say I am way easier on Christmas movies than I am general releases. I don't know why. Maybe its that its the time of the year, and all the tinsel dust gets settled into my brain until I am in a stupor... But this movie is not that bad. If you just look at it as a lighthearted, fun with the family movie, then you will have fun. It does get real, real cheesy at times, but most of the movie is funny and entertaining.
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Overall 4

Is it just me or is Arnold really starting to scare people?

Kristine (kristinedrama14@msn.com), IMDb
4 February 2004
  • Summary: Sigh, Jingle All the Way, how this film has a rating that is above the 4.0's on IMDb boggles my mind. This is one of the scariest films of all time. First off, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Terminator, he's playing this wacky almost like 80's silly comedy show type of Father Knows Best. Second, I think this is the film that just gives up on us, it goes from alright to stupid to silly to bad to just plain awful.
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Brilliant Family Christmas Movie!

25 April 2001
  • Summary: This is a really funny family movie! There's plenty of funny, touching moments in it and it's very colourful, adventurous stuff. The basic storyline is that Howard Langston (Arnie) has forgotten his son's christmas present of a Turbo Man action figure, but the shops have all sold out! It's christmas eve and Howard has only 24 hours left! What Howard doesn't bargain for is the fact that psycho sad Mario (Sinbad) has got to get one for his son too!
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2 lunatics vie for a toy at Christmas

helpless_dancer, IMDb
8 May 1999
  • Summary: This film shows the insanity of Christmas. Two parents, who waited untill the last minute to buy a popular gift for their child, spend all of Christmas Eve trying to come up with the toy. They were vicious and violent with each other in their efforts to secure the piece of plastic junk for their little darling. This picture shows just how goofy people act at this time of year. Instead of preparing, most folks wait till it is too late; all in the name of Christmas spirit.
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Overall 8

Great fun

Steven van de Beek, IMDb
4 April 1999
  • Summary: Everything about this movie is great. It has a great cast (With a wonderfully sleazy Phil Hartman). A great script with loads of laughter. It's obviously created as a spoof for the Christmas buying crazes that go on in the world, where everybody must have that one very special toy. It has the look and feel of a children's movie - but I'm not sure it is, or was ever designed to be. Don't expect a Schwarzie action movie. It's more a live-action cartoon.
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