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Reviews and Problems with Go

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Overall 8

Liman provides his hyperactive style on a crime film centring around youngsters and lowlifes rather than adult gangsters, in what is a carefully observed character piece.

johnnyboyz, IMDb
28 December 2009
  • Summary: Go is a surprisingly engrossing, surprisingly nifty little multi-stranded crime film running on inspiration from other crime films of the era; a director's own, kinetic style and a central, focused look at a whole range of troubled, often sleazy, young adults in a modern world full of drugs; debt;...
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Overall 10

Fantastic, hip and fun

WaltDinLV, IMDb
14 March 2006
  • Summary: One of my favorite films of all time. Hip, like Pulp Fiction, it's just crazy-insane fun. Not for everyone, due to language and drugs, but I really LOVED it! There are also so MANY cameos of great actors we know and love today.
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Overall 8

It didn't make too much sense at first, but I loved it when it was finished.

Philip Van der Veken, IMDb
1 April 2005
  • Summary: There are several kinds of movies that I like, but they almost all have one thing in common: they have something special to offer. In this case it is the way the story was brought to the audience. The story is told over and over again, each time from the perspective of a different character.
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enough of the "Pulp Fiction" comparrisons!

patrickl-1, IMDb
23 October 2002
  • Summary: This film has traces of Pulp Fiction embedded in it, but it's got a little "Swingers" and other films to it as well. All in all it's an entertaining movie which ends without epiphany for these characters (like .....). This film has multiple stories but does not try to be alternative and cool.
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Unbearable Lightness of Going

tedg (tedg@filmsfolded.com), IMDb
16 August 2002
  • Summary: Spoilers herein. I'm coming to this film late in the comment stream, which means that critics and commentors have beaten to death the `Pulp Fiction' comparisons. Yes, this has parallel stories, time folding (but not the time shuffling of `Pulp'), black and white shuffling, guns drugs and ironic...
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Overall 9

One of the most under appreciated films in history.

pulporange31, IMDb
2 September 2001
  • Summary: Go has not gotten even half of the praise it deserves. The script is genius and the fast paced directing and cinematography are totally the reason to see something in the theatre rather than video.
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Fun Movie

kclark-7, IMDb
29 August 2000
  • Summary: I liked this movie well enough to watch it twice. I waited 'til it came out on video, but made sure to see it, because it stars Sarah Polley, who I've been a fan of since her "Road to Avonlea" days. This is not a serious movie. It's fun, upbeat, quick, and for those with short attention spans.
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Overall 10

Unpredictably entertaining

Robin Palm, IMDb
3 July 2000
  • Summary: I don't know what really makes this movie so great. It could be the outstanding cast, the pitch perfect editing, the quick and funny dialog or maybe some other feature of a movie one could possibly like. The truth is this movie couldn't been done any better.
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Sit down & strap yourself in for this wild ride

Adriane Simo (adriane7@mindspring.com), IMDb
25 August 1999
  • Summary: One of the best this year! A wild ride that is hard to not compare to "Pulp Fiction", but if you didn't like Pulp, you won't like Go. I loved both, so this is a treat! Doug Liman had directed a worthy follow-up to Swingers, in the eyes of 7 kids and a drug deal gone way bad.
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A wonderful wild ride; sometimes too clever, sometimes not enough

Gouda-3, IMDb
29 April 1999
  • Summary: "Go" reads like a very very good sophomore offering by a very very good up-and-coming director. You can almost see a bright future for everyone involved in the film, from the director (Doug Liman) to the screenwriter (John August) to all of the young actors.
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