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Reviews and Problems with Centurion

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Overall 8

The Unenviable Task of Leading

VictorP Blackheath WCape, Kalahari
16 June 2014
  • Excerpt: Starring Michael Fassbender and Olga Kurylenko follows a band of grizzled, war-weary Roman soldiers stationed in Britain during the year 117 AD. After an ill-fated marsh across the border into Caledonia (modern-day Scotland), they become separated from the legendary 'Ninth Legion' and find themselves stranded deep behind enemy lines.
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User Review

Halfwelshman, Metacritic
20 December 2011
  • Summary: Centurion is a pretty decent action-packed historical thriller. The story may be merely diverting rather than compelling, but there's plenty to entertain throughout. The fight scenes are brutal and expertly handled, and I like the comparison made between Pict tactics and modern guerrilla warfare. The cast are all competent, but no-one gives a performance of any particular note, and the script is a little flat.
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Overall 10

Great film, badly reviewed.

13 February 2011
  • Summary: This is in direct response to davidfurlotte's fairly asinine 'review'..... First of all, if you're going to claim to be an authority on these things, do some research. In practically every interview, Marshall made it very clear that the film was based on a myth, a legend, nothing more. He never once tried to claim that this was in any way a true story. Also, where did you get that his Dad is a history professor?! He said his Dad loved history, and that's all.
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Overall 6

Just to elaborate a bit...

westenicho, IMDb
23 January 2011
  • Summary: This movie was entertaining and exceeded expectations. I love history and am a history degree holder with an emphasis and ancient Indo European culture. I'm not here to tear into this movie as a I felt it was just fine, but rather try to deflect some "junk" history that some people seem to throw into the mixed reviews. Please, if you're going to try to add your own mish-mash of history, at least make sure it's correct. That's right, I'm talking about you "Russ-was-here".
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Overall 7

One of the best in its genre

rum2550, IMDb
17 January 2011
  • Summary: This movie was relatively unheard of when a friend of mine gave a copy of it. I was skeptical since it was not from Hollywood, no big stars etc. However, it proved I was wrong. This is not a masterpiece indeed; but it was able to get me a thrilling ride from beginning to end. To make it short, I would say this is a combination of "BEHIND ENEMY LINES" scenario at the pace and editing of "BOURNE ULTIMATUM" set at the backdrop of "KING ARTHUR".
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User Review

JennetP, Metacritic
14 January 2011
  • Summary: This film inserts itself into a couple of historical gaps: first, what happened to the soldiers of the Ninth Legion; second, what were the Picts really like? "Centurion" comes up with much more sinister answers than historians venture, but, hey, it's a movie, right? Problem is, the film can't decide whether it wants to be a kind of anti-epic or a simple chase film.
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User Review

Razv, Metacritic
27 November 2010
  • Summary: Interesting here and there, with a couple of good scenes and gory scenery, but i think that the characters aren't complex enough and the storyline gets very boring from time to time.
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User Review

bradleybossard, Metacritic
14 November 2010
  • Summary: Enjoyed this movie for the action and the scenery, the highlands of northern England. While not quite as polished as Gladiator, it projects the same barbarity of medieval life and warfare. The villain could have been a big more vile and the hero more heroic, but for those looking for strong violence and epic landscapes, this film will not disappoint.
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User Review

straty73, Metacritic
13 November 2010
  • Summary: For all of you folks who like those historical movies Centurion is quite a good deal. The plot is not far so good as it was in Gladiator. It is more an action film but accurately it shows some nice roman tactics, for example the marching order, the way how the the legionaries form up their defence, etc. Nice landscape, good fighting scenes, good actors. Don´t miss it in your collection. Quality of the Blu Ray was nice. Sound, too.
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User Review

MrCreativename, Metacritic
12 November 2010
  • Summary: Loved it. The story played out well and the acting was great. Overall it was a very enjoyable movie and I see no major issues with it except for maybe a few cliches.
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