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Sony BDP-S1

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Sony Blu-ray High Definition DVD Player BDP-S1

28 July 2014
  • Excerpt: You may have thought you has seen movies before, but you haven’t unless you’ve seen them through a blu-ray high definition DVD player. This DVD player by Sony has 1080p resolution which gives your video a smooth rich quality that simply can not be compared to other DVD players.
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Overall 6

Works, but slow, probably better out there

Andrew Hipius, Amazon
21 September 2013
  • Summary: This player worked great when it was new and one of the latest on the market. But over the years it has become very slow to load, especially newer disks. It's also not that easy to update the players software, and it acts a little more like a small computer than your stereotypical DVD player. Years later now (I know, why did I wait so long to write a review) there are faster more refined Blu-ray players out there on the market.
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Overall 10


cdelr334, Amazon
31 October 2012
  • Summary: If you're looking for something that wont break the bank with the highest quality product, here it is. Sony's BDP-S1 Blu Ray player will stand the test of time. This product has the attributes of muscle and quality. The picture quality is superb compared to any of the newer models. It also has superb sound like none of the newer models. So you might be asking why should you buy this specific product? Well, if you can live with these cons then you absolutely must buy it.
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Overall 10

Update Your Firmware

Kathy Audelo "Kathy", Amazon
21 June 2011
  • Summary: I purchased this unit that was used as a store demo so it was basically new. The firmware at that time was 2.0. I used it and it seemed slow to load. I updated the firmware to 5.6 and boy did that make a BIG improvement on loading times. The unit was VERY easy to install and the setup was a piece of cake. If you read the directions the unit is easy to install. I am a 56 year old woman and if I found it easy ...it is easy. The picture and sound quality is excellent.
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Overall 2

Sony Blu-ray stopped reading after 14 months

Richard Massa, Amazon
10 November 2010
  • Summary: Beware of Sony Blu Ray! There is a good chance it will die soon after the warranty expires! Most company's will extend the warranty if its within a month or 2, NOT SONY! Support is the worst in the industry! Very strange this happens more then the feedback states here on Amazon???
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Overall 10

Sony Bdp-S1 Simply Outstanding

Ed, Amazon
26 January 2010
  • Summary: I purchased this unit 3 yrs ago for $250.00. Orig: $1,000.00. I had heard about and read about all the issues that plagued this player. I have enjoyed pristine blu ray video and audio, and outstanding upconversion with this unit. For some reason, about a year ago I got the itch to replace with something better, maybe with DTS-Master audio. I have tried and tried many players, hoping to top the performance of this unit, but it just isn't there.
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Overall 6

Unstable and glitchy

Dell, Amazon
5 January 2010
  • Summary: Bought this unit for two reasons because it was on sale and it was Sony. While the Picture is flawless and the sound is great, it doesn't always work as it should. I have had problems with this unit not reading some Blu-ray movies. I thought since it was a brand new movie maybe the movie was defective so I returened it to the store and got another new one. When I put it in it did the exact same thing.
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Overall 10

Region Capacity

Juan Del Corral Robles, Amazon
28 November 2009
  • Summary: My question is that blue-ray could reproduce movies of all regions, i mean, movies in the Unites States are region 1 but it changes depends of the country, but i want to know if it plays all regions movies!!!
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Overall 8

the other reviews; HOGWASH

R. Siegel, Amazon
4 April 2009
  • Summary: Just a post to say that people must realize there are many people who are unhappy with the demise of hd-dvd, so much so that they are crowind the blu-ray reviews and threads with terrible reviews, when they probably have never even owned a blu-ray player. I owned this model and it played blu-ray discs perfectly. If you're in the market for a play, though, buy a newer model.
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Overall 4

Not ready for prime time

everyday man, Amazon
8 December 2008
  • Summary: Player has too many problems even after loading in the update discs. Things like: very slow startup, scan speed 1 usually works but forget 2 and 3, will just go into pause mode for no reason and you can't get it out without rebooting, etc. Very irritating machine, especially since it is relatively expensive.
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