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Shuttle SX58J3
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Shuttle SX58J3

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Overall 2


LEE F., Newegg
3 April 2014
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Overall 2

They don't hold up

Patrick M., Newegg
20 March 2013
  • Summary: I purchased 6 of these and every single one died between 18 months and 2 years. Very expensive but only carries a 1-year warranty so I'm out $3,500 plus labor to repair theses cubic paper weights.
  • Pros: Worked great for 18months
  • Cons: Almost 100% failure rate > 18months
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Overall 8

Great device

Alvin C., Newegg
21 June 2011
  • Summary: A little small, hard to put in a full size DVD and a video card.
  • Pros: Incredibly fast, great device.
  • Cons: 500W power supply fan is a little loud. CPU fan also a little loud, but replaceable with a 9" fan
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Overall 10

Awesome system!!!

James Mark Chan "James Mark Chan", Amazon
16 April 2011
  • Summary: Just put togeather this yesterday and very happy with how easy it was to build. Everything worked just out of the box, no need to have to run to fry's to pick up anything. I ordered everything from amazon. Playing SC2 with plenty of detail. Very happy camper.
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Overall 6

If this matters...

om b., Newegg
25 March 2011
  • Summary: I guess it has be to quality control issue with box not properly tested for such static noise, i have tried with windows, linux, just cd, even disconnecting everything just boot with usb and still issue.
  • Pros: Name, Size, i7, portability. One of the reason i bought it is, a portable power machine for my sound and video project. I head a lot, so decided to go with shuttle. Looks good.
  • Cons: I am writing this because i had two RMA, still have the same issue with the third machine. 1) 1-RMA-stereo headphone was not working. 2) 2-RMA-both headphone and mic has heavy static electricity. 3) I own it and this one has headphone and mic has heavy static electricity as well. Keeping this bec...
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Overall 6

Poor Ventilation

Jason J., Newegg
4 March 2011
  • Summary: The stock case may be fine for non gaming applications. My GeForce GTX 560 Ti fans are right up against the side of the case with no holes. I have since drilled more holes in the side to help the video card breathe better.
  • Pros: Perfect size for my use. No problems installing hardware or software.
  • Cons: Stock case has little ventilation compared to other Shuttles I have owned. I have had to spend extra time and money on fans, fan controllers and fan screens to get some air through the case. And since it is a Shuttle, there is little extra room for additional fans or controllers. With stock venti...
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Overall 4

Not the best ITX solution

Vincenzo L., Newegg
6 January 2011
  • Summary: I am thinking that Shuttle PC are good for lower end machine. Doesn't make sense a Shuttle PC for 1366
  • Pros: Very compact, enough room for 2 HDD and an optical drive, built-in media card reader, slick design. Very easy to operate inside, ESATA with power is cool.
  • Cons: The BIOS really sucks: very few options compared to the standard Award BIOS, very hard to boot from non default media. No reset button. The CPU fan is very loud for a few seconds after power on. It makes me wonder if that is going to be the level of noise when summer comes.
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Overall 10

As advertised

Stephen T., Newegg
30 December 2010
  • Summary: This is an excellent system for those that know what they want, and cannot buy off the shelf. If you've never built one before there are a couple of excellent youtube videos that take you through the build.
  • Pros: Built this computer to use as a home lab device. I work with server based software, as such I needed something that was fast, handled virtualization well, could go to 16GB memory and I could install multiple internal drives to gain some speed. Build components: 1 VGA PNYlVCQFX380-PCIE-PB FX380 RT...
  • Cons: Only con, the internal SATA connections provided power for 3 drives (2 internal disk, 1 DVD). However, even though the case supports 4 internal SATA, there were only 2 signal cables. Why Shuttle couldn't through in a couple of extra $3 cables is beyond me. I'm using the 1TB drive until I can get ...
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Overall 2

Major quality control issues

John Hwang, Amazon
20 December 2010
  • Summary: Major quality control issue, one from amazon, one from frys and one from newegg of same model all result in some issue or another, from no outputs to usb keeps on disconnecting to faulty power supply.
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Overall 10

Shuttle i7 Box Build

Charles K., Newegg
12 December 2010
  • Summary: Very pleased. Running about 7.1 performance scale. HDD xfer rate is the only hold back. It was about 30 minutes of time and just under $920. Already had a decent graphics card. Solid gaming / LAN party box. Keep the box for transport.
  • Pros: This Shuttle box was easy to open with 3 thumb screws, heat pipe in pure genius and goes in with 4 screws on the CPU, and 4 on the fan. It took me <5 minutes to install the CPU. Love the new "pinless" cpus (no bent pins). Drive cage was 2 screws to remove and front bezel nicely covers the OD. Fan...
  • Cons: Minor. Lacked some fine thread screws for OD and HDD. Only thing I required was 8 screws and 2 small wire ties. It is a small box, so if you have big hands, it will take patience or a smaller friend.
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