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Asus P1-P5945G
4.7 out of 10

Asus P1-P5945G

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Overall 10

outstanding budget machine

Drew L., Newegg
18 April 2008
  • Summary: use the asus bios update utility that comes on the drivers disk. Don't try and update it from the web. I always got the server is full error so I just manually went to Asus' website and downloaded the most up to date bios rom, opened up the update program and updated from file. Worked like a champ.
  • Pros: I've built 4 machines with this barebones system and all perform flawelessly. My most recent I completed a few days ago has an E4500 C2D cpu, a pair of corsair gig sticks of ram, a 500 gig western digital SATA drive and a samsung dvd burner. Simple, powerful, rock solid, quiet, etc. It just works.
  • Cons: Voltage switch on back of power supply is NEVER set to 115v so you need to change that. Thankfully, they put an idiot sticker over the power plug outlet telling you to do this. also, as of this most recent build, though the system still functions totally normal, you'll get an intel cpu error mess...
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Overall 10

Great little box

Mark S., Newegg
27 January 2008
  • Summary: I'm very happy with the case. It was very easy to install my components into it. Ventilation is great. No worries about overheating. I will say the thermal paste that comes with it is junk. Be sure to order some arctic silver with the case.
  • Pros: Small form factor. Straight forward design. Simple and elegant. Easy install of components. Intelligent layout.
  • Cons: It's a bit heavier than I would have thought, but that could also be a pro depending how you plan to use it. I don't like the exposed metal bottom where the stand attaches. If you're going to lay it horizontally instead of standing it on the stand vertically, the silver metal bottom where the sta...
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Overall 10

Great little box

Karl F., Newegg
28 September 2007
  • Summary: Built one for my daughter for college. Set up with a TV tuner card and XP media center. No cutting class to watch that favorite tv show (I hope). It takes full height pci cards, but long ones are a no-no. It's REALLY small, folks.
  • Pros: I have the blue version, but other than color it's the same. This is perfect for most who want a small pc. Very solid construction. Very quiet and cool running. The DVI output works fine on mine.
  • Cons: No TV output, and only one SATA port. Needed a bios flash for processor, but did boot into windows.
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Overall 4

Its going back

Mark J., Newegg
28 April 2007
  • Summary: I may have gotten a bum MB too. Vista would boot and work for a while but it would randomly crash and reboot for no reason. Seems to be related to video but I am not sure.
  • Pros: Nice size and quiet.
  • Cons: The "full size" PCI slots will not fit a "full size" PCI card. The plates fit but if the board is full size they will not fit in the case (they hit the bottom).
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Overall 8

Great little Box

Anonymous, Newegg
10 April 2007
  • Summary: Very usable for basic display set ups, Built in network card and Video Card fit my needs, along with small size and SATA 3.0 make for quick Moving display boards on 50" Plasmas.
  • Pros: Very simple set up, no issues with 4 units. Have used 7 of them so far for customers and am very happy. Small footprint. Easy to configure.
  • Cons: Lack of space for 2nd hardrive inside, PCI riser card in one unit was a little touchy.
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Overall 6

Dysfunctional DVI

Anonymous, Newegg
12 February 2007
  • Summary: I'd rate this barebone a four, perhaps even a five, if the DVI output worked. The other issues aren't dealbreakers for me and the machine has a strong upside, but DVI not working may mean RMA if I decide I can't live with VGA only.
  • Pros: Love the book-sized design--fits in the narrow spot I needed it to fit. Build is solid. Not excessively noisy, even quiet except when under load. Assembly was easy except what is noted below. With the heatsink and fan ASUS provides, Core2Duo E6600 runs 50 degrees C and less.
  • Cons: First, the big problem: DVI output doesn't work properly (VGA does, though). Other Px-5945G series owners seem to have this problem as well. May be a hardware problem. My only problem with hardware installation was that I had to install DVD drive using two screws through the adjustable slot rathe...
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