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A Buying Guide for Antivirus Software

The Internet was never designed to be safe. The Internet was designed to be something that always...
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The Internet was never designed to be safe. The Internet was designed to be something that always worked, no matter what. Now when you are aware of this you can more easily understand why hacking is becoming such a fast growing industry. The Internet is a great place for criminals. The US government wanted the Internet to be nuclear proof, but it also became an open place and criminals are attracted by that kind of environment. This article will give you some insights when buying an antivirus software so you can protect yourself online.

Quick facts about this article
How long will it take me to read this article?
-About 5 minutes.
What do I need?
-Nothing, besides an interest in buying an Antivirus Software.
What will I learn reading this article?
-Important factors to consider when buying an Antivirus Software.

Should I use a Antivirus Software?
Yes, you should always have a antivirus software installed on your computer. You might have heard about people using the web without using antivirus software, and you think you can do the same. I think this is possible if you are an experienced Internet user and most of your digital life is backed up in the cloud. The average user should not, since this is just an unnecessary risk. The minimum level of Internet security for the inexperienced Internet user is a Free Antivirus Software.

There is also a collective aspect of using antivirus software. The number one source for your computer to get infected are actually from your your friends and family. If you have an antivirus software installed on your computer, it’s more difficult to infect your computer with malware. By being safe, you will not infect your friends, relatives, colleagues or even clients. By keeping your computer safe, you keep others safe as well.

Should I buy an Antivirus Software or use a Free Antivirus Software?

There is no difference between a free antivirus software and a purchased antivirus software when it comes to their ability to find a computer virus. Both the free softwareand the purchased software use the same virus signature database. The difference is in all the extra protection you get when you choose the purchased version of a antivirus software. This could be parental control, identity protection or Behavioural detection, which means that your software can detect viruses before they are found by the security company. The software recognizes that a software might be behaving in a bad way and stopps it before it does any harm

The biggest difference however is in terms of support. When you buy a antivirus software you are entitled to support flr the software. When you run into trouble there is someone you can call and ask for advice. If you are an inexperienced Internet user, this is a great feature and well worth the investment once trouble comes knocking on your door. It’s like insurance, you really appreciate it when an accident occurs.

What Antivirus should I buy?

All antivirus software do what they are supposed to be doing, they protect you from viruses. What makes them different are their features and the set price of the software.

I personally prefer F-secure. I like their software due to of the intuitive design. Since it’s not a well known brand in many markets, the price is also affordable in my opinion. AV-Comparatives is also a company who do tests of software like F-Secure. They believe F-secure is the best Antivirus Software for 2011. Below is AV-comparatives review of F-secure.

“AV-Comparatives notes that being the overall best product of the year does not mean that a product is the best product for all users in all scenarios. What it means is that the product has receive the highest ratings in several tests, including malware protection, false positive rates and impact on performance. F-Secure and Avira were the only two products to receive an "Advanced+" rating for all seven of AV-Comparatives' tests in 2010.”

Now when you have read this article, I hope you have a greater understanding why everyone should use a antivirus software when using the Internet!

Author: Christian Rudolf, editor of Mjukvara.se, a Swedish website about the Internet, software, Internet security and social media.


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