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Analog SLR Cameras

Analog SLR Cameras Buying Guide
With the introduction of digital cameras, film camera...
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Analog SLR Cameras Buying Guide

With the introduction of digital cameras, film cameras have lost quite a bit of their market share, people don't want to wait for their pictures to come back from being developed. In our society where everything is fast and instantaneous there's not much room for a product that makes us wait more than a few seconds for anything.

Analog SLR cameras though do have their place among enthusiasts, purists and professional photographers. They can still be found in use by many people today as some feel that digital cameras just can't capture things the way a film camera can, they've become more of a niche product relegated to mostly enthusiasts and professionals.

If you're in the market for an Analog SLR camera you've still got a few choices out there as many companies are still producing them, they are a bit on the expensive side though as these are considered a professional product. With anything that has a high price we'll always want to take a close look at our options before making a purchase like this, especially when the market is limited to your choices of products to purchase.

Most SLR cameras use the 35mm film format as it is a nice blend of image quality, size and cost, 35mm film has become the dominant film being used today because of it's versatility.

SLR Cameras are not something that you'll want to buy on an impulse, and they are something that you'll want to buy from a reputable, well known company. With SLR Cameras, the saying 'you get what you pay for' really applies as the technology used in them is very precise and exacting.

What is SLR Technology?

SLR stand for Single Lens Reflex.
What this means is that the camera uses a mirror system that moves to allow the photographer to see exactly what will be caught on the film. As opposed to using a non-SLR camera where the image seen through the viewfinder can be very much different than the actual image captured on the film. So there is a distinct advantage to using an SLR camera as you'll know what you're picture will look like before you click the button.

The SLR system though makes the cameras larger and heavier, and if quality optics are not used then it doesn't matter how good of a photographer you are the pictures will not be any good. So that's one of the main reasons to purchase from a known manufacturer, the other reason of course would be their experience at making these types of cameras.

As technology has progressed the ability to have auto-focus with a film camera became available, this is a great for people who don't have much technical knowledge, but want to use film cameras for their photography. Many companies still though make non-auto focus cameras as there still is a market for them among amateurs and professional photographers alike.

Analog cameras have come very far technologically speaking, they can be just like a digital cameras with the LCD display on them to show what is being viewed, but this is something that is not common as of yet, only a few cameras have this ability and of course at a premium price.

Of course with an SLR camera you'll have a wide variety of lenses to choose from, and depending on what your photographing you'll need to find a specific lens for the job. This of course can add quite a bit to the price of the camera as one can easily end up purchasing several types and styles of lenses.

The one major problem with Analog SLR cameras that allow lenses to be switched out is dust and dirt, event the smallest piece of dirt can damage the camera and cause it to malfunction in one way or another.

Keep in mind that a single, good quality lens can easily cost you $1000 or more, so Analog SLR cameras are really not for the average consumer, you can easily spend a few thousand dollars on a good camera setup. If you 're just taking family photos or using it for your vacation etc, and still want a film camera you're much better off with a point and shoot style camera. Analog SLRs are more for professionals and artistic photographers and such people, the average person will not need something like this.

Analog SLR cameras are pretty much considered a specialty item, one of the best things you can do is talk to other people familiar with them. There is a also a large used market for Analog SLR cameras as many people are making the switch over to digital, you can easily pick up a very nice Analog SLR camera for a fraction of the original cost. Though when buying a use SLR camera make sure it's from a reputable buyer and if possible inspect the camera before purchase for any defects etc. All professional cameras that allow the lenses to be switched can and will allow dirt, dust etc to get inside and cause damage that is not at first noticeable, even the tiniest speck of dust or dirt can possibly cause the camera to malfunction. With the auto-focus cameras that same speck of dirt can cause the focus motor to not work correctly or even damage it.

As with any product that might be considered an investment, and you can easily spend thousands on an Analog SLR camera and it's accessories, the best thing you can do is research the products before you make any purchase. Analog SLR cameras are still very popular, you can find many resources online and in print that can be very helpful and informative in making a buying decision. There are many forums out there that are dedicated to film cameras you can join them and ask questions of the other members. Most of the members of these forums are enthusiasts and professional photographers and they can be very helpful and also provide a wealth of information to a buyer. These same forums can also help you after your purchase as well as with any questions that might arise about the camera or possible needed accessory recommendations.

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