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Olympus Newpic Zoom 90

Olympus Newpic Zoom 90

Equipped with a powerful 3x zoom lens, the Newpic Zoom 90 Read more

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Fully automatic focus and exposure control make shooting a snap
Film winds and rewinds automatically
Push-button controls let you zoom in or out to get composition just right
Shoot macro close-ups from as near as 24 inches
Choose Landscape Mode for crisp, clear images of distant vistas
Technical Specs
Fully-automatic 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera with built-in 30-90mm zoom lens
Film format:
IX240 cartridge film
Image size:
16.7mm x 30.2mm
Print type:
Three selectable types (C, H, P) with magnetic IX (Information Exchange) function
Olympus lens, 30-90mm, f4.8 ~ 10.5, 8 elements in 6 groups
Zoom drive:
Step zoom system
Electronically controlled lens shutter. Shutter speed 1/400 sec. - 1 sec.
Active type autofocus with focus lock. Focusing range: 2ft. ~ infinity. Landscape mode
Real image type zoom viewfinder. C, H, P, print type selection. Magnification 0.52x1.4
Viewfinder information:
Autofocus frame, close-up correction marks, autofocus indicator, flash indicator
Exposure mode:
Programmed AE, auto-flash at lowlight levels
Exposure counter:
Progressive type, displayed on LCD panel
Film speed range:
Automatic setting. Automatic setting range: ISO 25 - 3200
Film loading:
One-touch insertion, automatic loading (automatically advances to first frame when cartridge cover is closed)
Film advance:
Automatic film winding
Film rewind:
Automatic rewind at end of roll. Mid-roll also possible
Electronic self-timer with approx. 12-sec. delay
Remote control (optional):
Infrared remote control unit with 3-sec. delay
Built-in flash. Recycling time approx. 4.5 sec. (at normal temperature with new battery)
Flash range:
Wide - 2 ~1 3.5ft., Tele - 2 ~ 7.9ft. with ISO 200 color negative film; Wide - 2 ~ 19ft., Tele - 2 ~ 11.2ft. with ISO 400 color negative film
Flash modes:
Auto (automatic flash activation in low light), Red-Eye Reducing (otherwise same as in Auto.) Fill-in (forced activation), Flash Off (no flash), Night Scene (for night scenes with slowest shutter speed of 1 sec., other functions operate same as in Auto), Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene (otherwise same as in Night Scene), Landscape (infinity)
Battery check:
Displayed on LCD panel
Power source:
One 3V lithium battery (CR123A or DL123A)
Power source:
Ordinarily used with camera body
4.8(W) X 2.6(H) X 1.6(D) in. (excluding protrusions)
7.9oz (without battery)
Data recording methods:
Recording using magnetic IX (Information Exchange) function
Data coding:
Year-month-day, month-day-year, day-month-year, hour-minute, and no data
External display of recorded data:
Always displayed on LCD panel
Automatic calendar function:
Automatic compensation to the year 2037
Release Date
First seen
22 July 2000