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Soleus LX-120
4.7 out of 10

Soleus LX-120

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Reviews and Problems with Soleus LX-120

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Overall 2

Bad choice

Edwin J., Newegg
27 May 2013
  • Summary: Company don't service the guaranty
  • Pros: It's mobile
  • Cons: It's a c-r-a-p don't buy it, the units come defective and the company don't want to service the guaranty, you call them and they never call you back. Try buying from some other company, that's just my experience with them.
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Overall 6

Not a bad unit.

Anonymous, Newegg
7 July 2012
  • Summary: It does a very very good job at dehumidifying. Not so great at air conditioning. Never used fan and heater features.
  • Pros: This unit is very, very good at dehumidifying. I had a third floor walk up apartment which got very hot in the summer time and the afternoon sun stays on my side of the building. In about ten minutes my kitchen (which was eat in) was cool and super comfortable.
  • Cons: The unit can be a little noisy. It was really heavy for me to unpack/take up to my apartment. I had to pay someone to help me. The panels did not fit my window as my window was small. I fitted the hose/ducts in the window and use foam and duct tape to seal. I had to put the unit on top of a crate...
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Overall 8


kevin s., Newegg
29 July 2011
  • Summary: So far this unit is working very well for us. My house has new windows but it’s an old house so my house temp doesn’t very too much. In the summer with no ac my house stays around 80 degrees. This unit made my living and dining room comfortable.
  • Pros: lots of power. has multiple running options to save power. auto mode and sleep mode are nice features.
  • Cons: Noisy, big, hoses are ugly. My house looks like it’s on some sort of breathing machine. Unless i missed it in the specs the window adapter doesn’t fit in small windows. I had to cut the window adapter down to fit in my smaller windows. CHECK YOUR WINDOW BEFORE BUYING. My window opening is roughly...
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Overall 4


ROBERT R., Newegg
27 July 2011
  • Summary: I went cheap, and I have been paying for that poor decision for 2+ years! :-)
  • Pros: It takes a lot of water out of the air, and cools well. Low cost.
  • Cons: It overflows with condensation. I finally put the whole unit in a pan that goes under a water heater and empty it daily. Depending on the humidity, I sometimes have to empty twice a day. 2-4 gallons each time. This problem defeats the purpose of this machine.
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Overall 2

Do Not Buy !!

David M., Newegg
16 July 2011
  • Summary: Read Reviews before purchases!!
  • Pros: Control panel flashes pretty lights.
  • Cons: Does not cool. Uses "Evaporative Technology", in other words, a glorified dehumidifier. Air vents on the front of machine quit working after 5 days. Now have to prop vents open manually. Error E4 (low refrigerant) every 1.5 hours. Contacting the company is useless.
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Overall 8

Portable A/C

Anonymous, Newegg
14 July 2011
  • Summary: A great unit, just keep in mind the fuse in this doesn't work that great and you'll love it. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for something non-obtrusive looking from the outside of your home. If not, then go for a window unit, they are cheaper. It's just personal preference.
  • Pros: I use this unit in a bonus room above my garage. I have 3 PC's, 4 LCD's, switches, a TV and DVD player all in this room. It was getting so hot in there it was unbearable in the summer. I purchased this unit a year ago, and it cools off the room in minutes. Pros: dual-vents (intake/exhaust) cools ...
  • Cons: Cons: The window vent is a little difficult to keep in place (still not a huge problem...a little duct tape is understandable) A little loud, but once again, it's expected from any window or portable A/C. The built-in fuse/plug didn't work that great for me, instead of the fuse blowing when I acc...
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Overall 8

Works very well...except it leaks water

Steven B., Newegg
10 July 2011
  • Summary: Newegg shipping is fantastic. the unit arrived three days after I placed my order. Even with the water issue, I would still recommend this unit. Just be prepared ahead of time and know what to expect. Also, the instruction manual states that the heating capacity is 12,000 btu.
  • Pros: OK, I am using this unit in a very large room 20x30 with a 9 foot ceiling (also very little insulation) and it does a great job at keeping the room at a temperature between 70 to 74 degrees.
  • Cons: Water, water everywhere. Once the humidity levels outdoors climbed the unit would need the holding tank drained and it appears that condensation was forming inside the unit and draining on my floor. The workaround is that I should have took everyone's advise and to have been prepared for this. I ...
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Overall 2

Whats that smell?

Carla J., Newegg
22 June 2011
  • Summary: During the first run we tested the swing functionality of the unit. Basically the vents open and close, to circulate the air. After turning it on for the 2nd time, we smelled a strong burning smell that faded after a minute or so.
  • Pros: -When the compressor kicks on, cool air is generated. -Heat and exhaust vents/ducts were easy to set up. -The castors on the bottom of this A/C make it easy to be moved.
  • Cons: -Motor that controls the opening and closing of vents on the front burned out after the 2nd bootup. This means the A/C is permanently cooling the spot of floor directly in front of it. -The unit has some physical damage on the top right. It looks as if it were hit by something causing the panels ...
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Overall 10

Great Product

Jason K., Newegg
11 May 2011
  • Pros: I've had this AC/HEATER unit for over a year now, and I'm buying another today! This thing worked great all Winter and Summer :-)
  • Cons: You have to empty it alot. I ran a hose to a bucket
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Overall 2

Sent a Refurbished Model

Andrew M., Newegg
21 April 2011
  • Summary: I called Soleus and questioned them at length about the condition of my air conditioner. They said they are a West Coast company and don't make the air conditioner. It comes straight from China and they are just the importer and reseller.
  • Pros: Provides moderately cool air. Cools my bedroom and associated hallway totaling 400 sq/ft (8 ft ceiling) adequately, though it would not handle much more.
  • Cons: The air conditioner arrived in a very old looking box. Not a shipping damaged box, but a box that looked like it has been sitting outside behind a warehouse for a month. When I opened it, I noticed that the display console was severely scratched and marred. It looked like it had been at the botto...
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