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Sharp CV-P13PX
6.2 out of 10

Sharp CV-P13PX

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Overall 8


Chris R., Newegg
20 June 2011
  • Summary: - Make sure you know exactly where you will put this before you buy it. You have to measure the cord length to your outlet and the exhaust hose to your window. You need both without extensions.
  • Pros: - Cools reasonably well - Easy installation - Looks good considering it is a large appliance in your room - Wheels work well, easy to push from room to room - Fairly quiet (on full power it sounds like a typical hotel room a/c) on low it sounds a bit quieter than a fan on medium setting. - Handle...
  • Cons: - Bottom 2 inches of the unit arrived with a brownish color, as if it had been in a flood or something? Had to clean it all off. This was on the styrofoam packaging as well. (Refurb?) - Build quality is not exceptionally high. uneven gaps in plastic, panels not all the way in place, etc.... - Ins...
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Overall 4

Awful packaging, problematic service.

Matthew C., Newegg
15 June 2011
  • Summary: Packaging that looked okay on delivery, but the unit inside rattled and blew only warm air after 3-5 minutes of running. I called Sharp service and was given a phone number and a case number. The service center seemed confused when called and said "we don't do *that* model of air conditioner...
  • Pros: - The unit itself is quiet, though not as quiet as one might expect. - Air blown is cold. - Window system is reasonable, and the exhaust hose feels well put together. - Very pleasant service people.
  • Cons: - Really optimistic packaging. The unit is less than three inches from the edge of the box in places, and the styrofoam packaging doesn't stand a chance with these weights. - I've had a lot of trouble with service (still ongoing). See other thoughts. - Unit is loud at times. - Exhaust hose gets r...
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Overall 8

The Good and the Bad

James S., Newegg
10 June 2011
  • Summary: I have yet to experience draining the reservoir, but the de-humidification is considerable -- even better than the cooling. Outside of the unit's tremendous weight (well over 100 lbs.), I'm satisfied with its air conditioning ability for now.
  • Pros: Machine is powerful enough to cool my high-ceilinged living room. It is quiet, refined in appearance, and fitted with advanced features like ionization and separate de-humidification. The remote is handy and allows for full control of even the louvres which guide the pitch of the airflow.
  • Cons: Power-hungry machine -- It was hard to find a suitable spot for the unit, as it HAD to be near a wall socket. The amperage is high enough, at normal use, that some heavy-duty extension cords may come to the melting point. Also - one cannot program this unit using a 24-hour clock -- useful when on...
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Overall 10

sharp 13000btu

yves-albert p., Newegg
8 June 2011
  • Summary: i would recommended that unit..... not expensive fir this kind of unit,,,,
  • Pros: very quiet compare to my precedent .. cool a room 12x24 easily,,, ion is very good for my wife for her allergies,,,, the instruction are straight forward,,,easy,,, esthetic is number one...
  • Cons: heavy,,,, but this is the price for quality.... and the box came in damages ...but the sharp was in good condition inside
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Overall 10

User Review

Joshua F., Newegg
5 June 2011
  • Summary: So far I personally have not had to drain the internal reservoir and the unit has done a good job exhausting the moisture along with the exhaust. Still it has not been humid enough yet to tell if this is always going to be the case.
  • Pros: -Incredibly quiet, even when the compressor kicks on it still isn't that loud. -Easy setup -No water reservoir to deal with, usually. See Other thoughts for more details.
  • Cons: Ended up having to insulate the exhaust tubing as it was heating the area of the room behind it.
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Overall 8

Good bang for your buck!

ILYA L., Newegg
31 May 2011
  • Summary: I've done plenty of research and wanted to get the highest BTU rating on the market. Some have mentioned that having a portable AC with two exhaust hoses is the only way to go. I can't comment since I have not used one, however, this 13000BTU unit produces plenty of cool.
  • Pros: Great AC, easy to setup, blows well, and pretty much does everything it should. I've only owned this AC a weekend and obviously feel a huge difference in temperature. Living on second floor of a private house is like living in an oven on hot days. The roof absorbs all the sunlight. This AC has co...
  • Cons: There are no cons. The only one I could think of is the large hose that needs to go into the window, but that's expected from a portable AC. So if you're going this route, you shouldn't have complaints at all.
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Overall 10

Great AC, evaporator hose a MAJOR PLUS

Anonymous, Newegg
17 May 2011
  • Summary: If you're looking for a light and mobile AC, I wouldn't recommend this. It was like lifting a full grown man up the stairs. But if you want a phat AC that will chill any room any where, just get it.
  • Pros: This air conditioner is way overpowered for my 100 square foot room, so it cools it down within 20 minutes. The hose it comes with is a good length, and the fact that it evaporates the water collections through it is amazing. The hardware to install it in the window is pretty foolproof and stays ...
  • Cons: Casters (little wheels) on the bottom are extremely puny for the girth of this machine. I don't even know why they included them two of mine broke during shipping, had to remove them, and I can't find an appropriate sized replacement caster set ANYWHERE.
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Overall 6

Sharp Portable AC

Robert P., Newegg
14 May 2011
  • Summary: I just don't know why Sharp tries to say "library quiet" when the unit is very noisy with a flimsy plastic case. I am disappointed. However, it does cool well.
  • Pros: Large cooling capacity, air purification, remote control.
  • Cons: Flimsy plastic case vibrates and makes noise, so I have to bang the side or put something against it to stop resonation sounds that drown out the TV. When the compressor is on in addition to the fan, the unit is noisy, like a small car engine. Running the fan by itself can also create vibrating n...
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Overall 10

So far, so good....

Jennifer M., Newegg
4 May 2011
  • Summary: I just had this AC delivered last night (9:01PM!), lugged it upstairs, unpacked it and attached the exhaust hose to the window, turned it on and it immediately started cooling the room. I set it at 72 and slept like a baby all night.
  • Pros: Cooled my room very quickly. Much quieter than most units. Came with concise instructions. Plenty of window spacer adapters for large window. Everything controlled by remote.
  • Cons: Everything controlled by remote. <-- Might be a problem if something happens to remote. Electricity is not free.... Portable? You should have seen me trying to get it upstairs by myself. Non of these warrant losing an egg - yet!
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Overall 10

It's the best

Prakash V., Newegg
22 April 2011
  • Summary: I have an Amcor unit and I feel like I am in a powerplant when it operates.
  • Pros: The best portable air conditioner. Very low noise that you don't even notice it's runnimg, Cool down my large bed room fast. After couple hours of use, I have to turn it down or the room gets ice cold. I have been using it for more than 4 years. I only use one bed room out of my four bed rooms. S...
  • Cons: You will have to empty water every few hours on very humid days. So I hooked up a small plastic hose and let it drain 24/7 to a bucket and empty bucket every morning.
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