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Onkyo TX-NR3007

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Overall 2

Buggy brick. Steer clear

buehl3005, Amazon
30 June 2014
  • Summary: I was happy until it stopped working. Known design flaw where the HDMI audio switching components fail, leaving you with a receiver that cannot produce any sound. Onkyo customer service will do nothing to help you, even though their design is at fault. I'll never buy Onkyo again. Marantz and other brands offer better reliability and better sound quality.
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Overall 4

Great features, poor reliability.

D. Hodory, Amazon
7 June 2014
  • Summary: Loved this unit for the first several years I owned it and then one day: no audio (small problem for a receiver, don't you think?). In any case, this unit as well as the xxx8 and xxx9 series have a known issue with heat and their HDMI cards. Basically, these units run quite hot and eventually they fry their HDMI boards.
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Overall 2

Short N Sweet

savtru, Amazon
1 January 2014
  • Summary: I have owned this receiver for just over a year now and was impressed. Now this unit failed and the research is showing a KNOWN issue with the HDMI BOARD. Onkyo needs to step up and take responsibility for this known problem. They fail all the time and cost $800+ to replace! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND...
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Overall 8

after owning for 3.5 years onkyo repaired for free

tom, Amazon
14 November 2013
  • Summary: have owned this receiver 3.5 yrs now, hate it, dosent work, do a internet search for nr3007 no sound before buying this receiver updated: onkyo came thru and stood behind this product, put a new hdmi board in for free after warranty had been expired for 1.5 years, its fixed and rockin the house again
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Overall 10


jake, Amazon
29 April 2013
  • Summary: still works great. had it for a year or 2. great menu and remote is easy to use.. this thing pounds with kliptch tower speakers.
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Overall 2

Very good ... if you can get it to work

Jason Sippel, Amazon
29 October 2012
  • Summary: It is not every day that I dump an AV receiver in the trash, but that was the fate of the Onkyo NR3007 that I purchased from Amazon.com. This is already an old model hence the feedback may not reach most potential buyers of Onkyo products, but I strongly sugggest you google "onkyo no sound" or variations thereon to see the many dissatisfied customers who had QC experiences with this model.
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Overall 10

Onkyo does it Again

gw742296, Amazon
6 August 2012
  • Summary: Onkyo is known for quality and the best bang for your buck. The only way to best Onkyo is to go with their top of the line products Integra. Don't forget to check for firmware upgrades.
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Overall 2

Onkyo TX-NR3007 poor quality leading to short life span

techno, Amazon
25 January 2012
  • Summary: This unit smoked and went into standby mode. Onkyo quality is questionable. The build up of heat and poor design will shorten this units lifespand. The heat issue is well documented and as other use the unit I expect the reviews will begin to wane. Again, while the specs are impressive, its inability to stand the test of time puts this unit at the bottom of the list of 'must haves'.
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Overall 6

It's Ok

RightReviewNow, Amazon
1 September 2011
  • Summary: Not too impressed with the performance in that I don't know that this would have really done anything that much better than a less expensive receiver from Pioneer. Yeah, the name, the specs, the prestige of owning high end stuff...etc. I own the expensive NR5007, and do have some quite noticeable "poping and delays" when watching TV, quite irritable. Does put out a significant amount of heat, enough to raise the room temperature within 10feet of it by a degree or two.
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Overall 10

Major Disappointment - Now Resolved, it is a great value.

oldman456, Amazon
2 March 2011
  • Summary: I shopped AVRs for well over a year - waiting for the prices to get within my range. waiting for the best combination of features. In general, this is a good reciever with good value. The major disappointment...I had a specific application in mind. A required feature was 2 simultaneous HDMI outputs. My exercise room is on the other side of the wall from my home theater, and I want to be able run a HDMI cable through the wall to a TV in the exercise room.
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