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Transformers Prime

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Review: Transformers Prime: The Game (Nintendo 3DS)

Diehard GameFAN
1 January 2013
  • Summary: Transformers Prime: The Game is your typical 3D licensed platformer. It’s a mostly inoffensive linear affair that suffers from not receiving enough time, money or quality put into it. The story is a paint by numbers affair with an homage to an obscure G1 toy that was prominent in the original comic book series.
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Overall 6

Transformers Prime

10 December 2012
  • Excerpt: With an overabundance of campy chatter and intense battles that curiously leave their giant robotic combatants walking away with little more than a scratch, it’s immediately clear that Transformers Prime - The Game as an unflinchingly faithful tie-in to the animated kids show it's based-on. Does this surprisingly capable brawler manage to do a measure of justice to the Transformer legacy, or it actually less than meets the eye?
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Overall 8

Expert Review

7 December 2012
  • Conclusion: Nintendojo was provided a copy of this game for review by a third party, though that does not affect our recommendation.
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Overall 3

Transformers: Prime - The Game (3DS) - Review

6 December 2012
  • Excerpt: As a game reviewer, there's nothing more welcome than a game you didn't expect much from coming out of nowhere to wow you. When it comes to games based on movies and TV shows, expectations are never high, and this is not without good reason. Take Transformers: Prime , for example. Every time I picked it up to play it, I caught persistent glimpses of potential strewn throughout its design and presentation, but then I actually had to play it and experienced the mess that...
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Expert Review

23 November 2012
  • Conclusion: Transformers Prime: The Game is rated E-10 with an ESRB descriptor of Fantasy Violence. You do shoot, punch, and explode a lot of robots, but that’s it. If you’re OK with your kids watching the cartoon show they’ll be OK with the game, too. Missions aren’t too hard, but younger players might get a little frustrated at some of the later, more difficult levels.
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Overall 5

(Nintendo 3DS Review) Transformers Prime: The Game

The Entertainment Depot
14 November 2012
  • Summary: Transformers Prime: The Game manages to capture the look and sound of the show far better than the excitement of it. Younger players will get more out of the game than I did, but they can only get so much out of such meager offerings, and that is assuming they won’t give up in frustration after being punched out of the camera’s range or off a ledge for the umpteenth time. The cast might be great, but the adventure is short and the systems in need of some fine-tuning.
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Overall 7

Transformers Prime (3DS) Review

14 November 2012
  • Excerpt: Don't discount this Transformers adventure. The latest 3DS game is actually a lot more than meets the eye.
  • Pros: + Solid control scheme, + Diverse gameplay, + True to the source material
  • Cons: Bland environments, A little on the short side, Uninspired multiplayer
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Overall 9

Transformers Prime: The Game

BioGamer Girl
8 November 2012
  • Excerpt: For a really long time, Transformers video games were a laughing stock that barely received any love from fans or critics upon their release, but when the Michael Bay directed film series brought the Transformers storyline back into popularity, there was plenty of money to be made with a great video game series.
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Overall 8

Transformers Prime: The Game (3DS) Review

Canadian Online Gamers
2 September 2013
  • Excerpt: I find myself weary of new releases with the label “Transformers” on the box, not because I’m down on the franchise – on the contrary, I’m a big fan of those lovable bots in disguise – but because of the spotty track record attached to Transformers games in general.  The franchise has seen success in titles such as War for Cybertron and more recently with Fall of Cybertron, but it’s also seen past failures in games like Dark of the Moon and Revenge of the Fallen,...
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Overall 4

Transformers Prime review

30 December 2012
  • Summary: The very definition of shovelware, Transformers Prime is a woefully undernourished release that damages both the Wii U and Transformers brands. A budget downloadable than a full title, it’s debatable if Prime should have even seen a release on handhelds, let alone Nintendo’s flagship console.
  • Pros: There is great voice acting, and the game isn’t broken
  • Cons: Not up to par graphically, or in terms of story, difficulty, length, or practically any other measure.
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