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Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure
8.3 out of 10

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure

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Overall 7

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure

2 September 2013
  • Summary: Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure is one of the most unusual games I've played this year. There is not much about it that follows any sort of familiar trajectory. It's a story driven, rhythm-action RPG set in Paris. The main character is a skinny teenage burglar who doesn't care about money. He's a lot more interested in foiling the plans of the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte and putting down his Putty-like foot soldiers with one-hit knockout punches.
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Overall 8

An Attempt To Revive the Rhythm Genre

Game Informer
7 August 2012
  • Conclusion: Concept: Tap to the beats while solving a graphic adventure à la Professor Layton Graphics: 3D rhythm and 2D exploration sequences get the job done, but are far from impressive Sound: The music is surprisingly average and unmemorable; the cheesy pop songs don't help, but the classical tunes are a wonderful addition Playability: Simple puzzles don't measure up to the intense rhythm challenges, the absence of an easy mode may frustrate the inexperienced Entertainment: The...
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Overall 7

Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure

Nintendo World Report
21 July 2012
  • Summary: It's a rhythm game that's good at everything... except being a rhythm game.
  • Pros: Excellent story and presentation, Good music
  • Cons: Poor gameplay
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Expert Review

20 July 2012
  • Conclusion: Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure is rated E-10 with ESRB descriptors of Alcohol Reference, Cartoon Violence, and Mild Suggestive Themes. Paris is famous for its wine, so there are a few mentions of it here and there by the locals. Raphael may hit enemies and his dog may bite them, but it’s all cartoony. The suggestive themes are really mild and non-existent, and really only consist of a few small jokes here and there.
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Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure review

17 July 2012
  • Excerpt: Just when I thought July will only have a single rhythm game that I'll be obsessed with for the Nintendo 3DS, out of nowhere comes Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure , quite possibly one of the most entertaining and well put together rhythm games I've ever played. Rhythm Thief takes a similar approach to the Professor Layton games in terms of storytelling and visuals, Rhythm Heaven when it comes to the mechanics of the rhythm games, and some added quirkiness of Elite...
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Overall 8

Rhythm Thief Review: Great Artists Steal

12 July 2012
  • Summary: Sega marries Layton's presentation with a fun and whimsical musical style.
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Overall 8

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure review

10 July 2012
  • Excerpt: All too often, we as gamers read the cries that too many videogames lack originality. However, even if a game has obvious inspirations, that doesn’t mean it deserves immediate rejection. On Nintendo handhelds worldwide, but particularly in Japan, Professor Layton’s anime-infused, Euro-centric approach to puzzle gaming is exceptionally popular, so it’s tough to fault Sega for following in the professor’s footsteps.
  • Pros: A surprising variety of rhythm games included, Finds many clever ways to use 3DS controls, Gorgeous anime style that renders Paris beautifully
  • Cons: Isn't the most original game, Many songs are forgettable, Paris has far too many fetch quests
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Overall 6

Fun, quirky, beat-based mini-games; some mild violence.

Common Sense Media
23 June 2012
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure is a music and puzzle game suitable for older elementary school kids. Most of its rhythm-based activities -- hiding behind statues, bounding across rooftops, cooking food -- are completely innocuous. A few involve cartoonish violence; speedy jabs in time with a beat. None of the characters get seriously hurt.
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Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure

Hooked Gamers
22 June 2012
  • Conclusion: It is rare for a game to have such a variety of different ingredients and managing to gel them together this well. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure manages to pull it off with elegance. The creative rhythm games, charming story and characters, catchy music, and superb animation blend together into an entirely memorable and absolutely unique experience.
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Review: Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure (Nintendo 3DS)

Diehard GameFAN
21 June 2012
  • Summary: : Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure makes a strong mark as an IP to watch going forward, as it’s a good time that, while not without its flaws, is well worth adding to your 3DS collection. The plot is endearing and surprisingly strong, and the game looks and sounds wonderful, thanks to some excellent stylistic choices and a lot of care and attention where it matters.
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