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Pokemon Y

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Reviews and Problems with Pokemon Y

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Overall 9

Pokémon Y Review – Nintendo 3DS

12 November 2013
  • Conclusion: While not as good as the previous entry, it is still a very well done game, despite some issues. Maybe next time they will totally nail it.
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Overall 9

Pokemon Y (for Nintendo 3DS)

PC Magazine
1 November 2013
  • Conclusion: Pokemon X/Y doesn't change how it plays over Black/White, Diamond/Pearl, and so on, but it looks great and is still a fun, satisfying time-sink for your 3DS.
  • Pros: Great graphics look like the anime. Large region with plenty of Pokemon. Lots of activities. Strong post-game and online features.
  • Cons: Follows the same formula as every other main Pokemon game.
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Pokemon Y 3DS Review

29 October 2013
Overall 10

Pokemon Y

The Gamers Temple
28 October 2013
  • Excerpt: I've been waiting for this one for a long time. A Pokefan ever since Nintendo Power sent me the VHS of the first three episodes of the Pokemon anime when I was in high school, I've followed the series from day one, though my interest never branched out much further than the video games. The show and collectible card game are neat, I'm sure, but the video game side of Pokemon is what has kept me coming back for what will soon be two decades.
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Overall 6

Pokemon Y

25 October 2013
  • Conclusion: There’s a good game in Pokemon Y, and fans looking for another game near-identical to the ones before it likely won’t find issue with a lot of the dusty trimmings and transparent battle system. If you want to get into into the new stat rebuilding features and grind out tons of easy battles to prep for high-level online multiplayer, it’s never been easier to do so. But for all else, the game’s excellent visuals belie the frustratingly old-fashioned design.
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Overall 10

Pokemon X and Y brings it all home

Quarter to Three
21 October 2013
  • Excerpt: I’m pretty enamored by Pokemon Y. Don’t get me wrong, this is the same basic Pokemon game we’ve been playing for fifteen years now. You get a starter Pokemon and then use that starter to amass a collection of magical creatures. Along the way you can take down gym leaders, fight the enemy team of the day, breed some new Pokemon, explore caves, swim in oceans, hunt legendary beasts and engage in dozens and dozens of trainer battles.
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Pokemon Y Review

13 October 2013
  • Excerpt: Pokémon X&Y start speedily. There’s no faffing around, and it’s not long before you’re fighting other Trainers in brutal combat and approaching your first gym. It’s a confident beginning, but what it lacks early on is a challenge, and it’s easy to plod through the early stages. This soon changes, and although it is never outlandishly difficult, it balances and becomes much more compelling as the challenge ramps up.
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Overall 10

Pokemon Y

12 October 2013
  • Summary: Certain game series can get away without making significant changes to their formula -- in fact, there are some that would risk infuriating their fans if they did alter too much. Games like The Legend of Zelda , Street Fighter , or Dynasty Warriors carry a certain familiarity to them, and remain strong enough contenders in their genre that nothing is doing what they do better. Mario Kart , these games aren't. Pokemon , arguably, is one such series.
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Overall 9

Pokemon Y

4 October 2013
  • Conclusion: Game Freak has really outdone itself this time, and Pokemon X and Y will be remembered as great transition point for the series’ transformation into an even more social, beautiful, and strategic game. Building on five generations of games, a digital menagerie of captivating creatures, and a wide range of diverse regions to explore, Pokemon X and Y proves this formulaic portable role-playing series can still deliver an innovative experience.
  • Pros: Fluid animation, Great character design, Rich multiplayer, Mega evolutions
  • Cons: Brainless A.I. trainers
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Overall 8

Test : Pokemon Y

2 weeks ago
  • Summary: Ça y est, il est là. Enfin ! Il est tout beau, tout chaud et il débarque à peine dans nos 3DS. De quoi donc ? Du Pokémon nouveau, pardi ! Ou plutôt LES nouveaux, puisque comme bien souvent ce sont deux opus d’un coup qui sortent, en l’occurrence X et Y ici. Et pour une fois, les Européens ne sont pas servis après les Japonais, voire les Américains, puisqu’il s’agit du tout premier épisode – inaugurant par la même occasion une nouvelle génération – à avoir droit à une...
  • Pros: Une nouvelle génération, Pas mal de nouveautés, Héros customisable, Durée de vie potentiellement titanesque, comme toujours, Se balader à dos de Rhinocorne !, Un scénario plus intéressant que dans Version Noire 2 et Blanche 2…
  • Cons: …Mais en même temps moins d’activités annexes, Rame parfois en combat, Le SPV et la Poké Récré, sympas mais anecdotiques, La Banque Pokémon, payante
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